Tips for Tree Fertilization in Southlake, TX

Tree fertilization in Southlake, TX should always be done in the entire year but during different periods with the way the trees do age. Trees must be added more nitrogen amount as they grow, and they need to be added in summer months or early spring seasons. The trees can also be applied with light at least once every year when the trees are older, and they require less fertilizer. Fertilizing trees also require soil testing for determining the potassium and phosphorous amount.


When fertilizing the trees, the company should have important consideration of the tree’s age. Here is how fertilizer should be applied and when in terms of the tree’s ages:


Newly Planted Trees: the phase of freshly planted trees need to have minimal quick release fertilizer application with more slowly releasing type. When high nitrogen rate of release is applied, they can burn leaves and roots so the company should be cautious of fertilization of the homeowners’ trees. The slow release forms are always less water soluble and granular, whereas composted fertilizers and liquids are faster in releasing rate.


Young Rapidly Growing Tree: the phase entails young saplings having rapid growth in the tree management plan. Adding fertilization rate can be desirable and appropriate mostly with the trees that are adequately spaced where there is low organic matter. The tree fertilization in Southlake, TX once after every six months seems to be excellent for this tree phase applying with the recommendation at the fertilizer sachet.


Mature Tree Phase: Mature trees grow slowly with a reduction in fertilizer consumption. The tree fertilization is reduced since the propagation needs drops. The fertilizing level of the already established trees requires low maintenance. Low maintenance purpose is maintaining the trees to ensure they have a health condition where there is no excess growth for vegetative.


The rapid growing trees should be fertilized through the late March to early June, and when its height has reached the maximum required level, fertilization rate can be decreased to once every year to ensure it gets the most thorough tree care ever.