Things You Didn't Know Your Tree Service Can Do for You in Keller, TX

There are several services that you might not expect that a Tree Care Services in Keller, TX can provide, they're much more than just 'those tree removals. They're just as capable at helping you create as they are at destroying; check out some of the other things you can ask of them.


 Planting Trees


 Planting a tree may seem like an easy task, but there is a lot more that goes into it than most people think. You also need to bear in mind the location of each planted tree in relation to the other tree, plants and structures nearby. Also, there are many details to look after during the days and weeks following the planting of the tree.




 Irrigating a single tree might not be a complex task, but if you have an orchard or a windbreak or any other group of trees, you may want to call a tree service in Keller, TX. The task isn't particularly technically demanding, but it's a lot of hard work, and the specialized tools and experience of a tree crew can make it shorter and easier. Don't break your back with a shovel and a weekend when a tree crew can bring their tools and array of broad shoulders and strong backs and get the job done in an afternoon.


 Pest Control


 Only a few trees are known to be immune to pests, and even those are specialized to the pests from their local environment; a pest brought in from overseas by a traveler, for example, can still wreak havoc. Skilled tree services can identify all but the most exotic pests and act against them without risking the health of the tree. Not all pest contaminations are dangerous to the tree, either: some are dangerous to the people around them, so if you have an inkling that something's not right with one of your trees, get the tree guys out there pronto.