The best Tree Fertilization in Southlake, TX

Tree fertilization in Southlake, TX provides a massive impact on tree health both in the short term and long term, and it’s crucial more than pruning and trimming, more than any other tree care service. The topic of tree fertilization is quite broad, but in here you will get to learn something on this and when and how to apply the fertilizer.

Compare tree fertilization with taking care of your health; without eating well, you won’t wither and dies tomorrow. Sounds right? But if you eat well (fertilization regimen), take care of your health, you will get a healthier and fuller canopy of foliage. And you know what, if the fertilization is done right and consecutive years, sick and deteriorating trees can return to a healthy state, regaining extended life expectancy.

One of the biggest misconceptions that go through people head is, tree fertilization in Southlake, TX can make a tree to grow faster. Most people relate this with the resulting fertilizer has on the grass. When grass is fertilizer, the growth is boosted, but that is different from trees. The experience here might be misled many to thinking of the extension instead of health.

With grass, growth is consistent, but with trees only grow a few times in a year in periods of growth increment flushes. One thing you should know is, the growth takes time. The ultimate goal here is to time the right treatment to make the roots stimulated to grow faster, and foliage is encouraged for better development, not grow more quickly.

And you know what, timing is everything! Here is what you need to know on the basics of timing: Most of the root growth occurs in the fall, while most of the foliage growth occurs in early spring. In the middle of the growing season, there isn’t much growth. With this insight, it’s easier and possible to deduct fertilization during the summer is wastage of the resources.