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Most people believe that planting a tree should only be done in the spring. But, if you think you've missed your window, reconsider. It doesn't matter if it's no longer spring or summer if you want to plant a tree.

If you've been wondering if it's too late to plant trees, now could be the perfect time to do it with the help of the expert Southlake tree care services.


Tree Care Services Lead to Better Root Growth

Planting a tree in the fall promotes better root growth. This is because the seedlings will have more time to establish roots, and robust root systems are essential for healthy trees since they have time to grow before the hot weather arrives.

A tree's roots absorb and store water, minerals, and nutrients, as well as attaching it to the earth. A solid foundation is critical in the first year of tree growth, as the roots help the tree establish itself and grow tall and strong.

Trees go dormant in the fall and winter. This slows their growth, and as they stop growing above ground, they need less energy.

This allows the tree to focus all its efforts on root growth and developing a solid foundation. Assuming the tree is planted appropriately, taking advantage of dormancy reduces the risk of death in the first year.


Easier Maintenance with Southlake Tree Care Services

Young trees require more water than mature trees. This is critical during Oregon's hot summer months when the soil dries out quickly. Planting a tree in the fall eases this concern, making tree care easier. Your tree has three seasons to grow before the heat arrives. You can also save money on water.

By summer, your tree will be well-prepared to withstand the heat and humidity and will require less water than if planted in the spring, and your Southlake tree care services can tend to them better.


How to Pick the Best Trees With Southlake Tree Care Services

Not all trees will thrive if planted in the fall, but many will do. Before planting any tree, do your homework and ask professional arborists like J Davis Tree Care Services for advice.

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