Reasons Why Your Bedford, TX Trees Might Have Brown Leaves

Reasons Why Your Bedford, TX Trees Might Have Brown Leaves

While the warmer months might get all the glory regarding gardening and lawn care, late fall and winter are excellent times to take care of your trees. Bedford tree care services know that this is the time of year when trees and shrubs need a little extra TLC as the leaves change color and the weather cools.

And while Bedford winters might not be as harsh as other parts of the country, there are still some winter tree care ideas that homeowners can use to keep their trees healthy and strong.

So if you have any dead trees or branches that could pose a danger during a storm, now is the time to call in the professionals.

J Davis Tree Care Services has been expertly pruning and removing trees in the area for decades, so give our team a call if you need help.


Why Is Bedford Tree Trimming Important During Winter?

When it comes to Bedford tree trimming, winter is one of the best times to do it. The weather is more relaxed, so you and your tree trimming crew won’t overheat, and the leaves are off the trees, so you can see and reach all the branches that need trimming.

The first reason is that the leaves have all gone, making it simpler to view and access the branches. We can select which branches need to be removed or how far back they need to be trimmed after a clear picture of the tree’s structure and health. When specialists don’t have to climb through heavy branches, tree pruning equipment is also accessible.

That the trees are dormant is the most important reason for pruning in the winter. If trees are clipped when growing in the spring or summer, they may not grow as much or as healthy as they could. Pruning in the winter will promote spring growth.

Winter trimming is why some diseases quickly spread in the spring and summer. In the winter, the risk of disease spreading is substantially lower.


Protect Trees From Ground Frost

As the winter season approaches, taking care of your plants is essential. Even if it is not the coldest day of the year, the ground might freeze once the sun sets.

Trees and bushes that are young or smaller require special care from the chilly days and nights.

Cover young or small plants with a strong covering like burlap or a tarp to protect them. Ensure the material’s edges are extended to the ground so that any extra heat is kept inside, and keep it loose to avoid injuring any branches. Potted plants, if you have any, should be brought inside for the winter.


Protect Trees With Mulch

Mulch is suitable for younger trees that don’t need covering but need protection. Mulch from the store is fantastic, but wood chips and leaves also work.

Make a three- to five-inch-thick circle around the tree’s base, extending two feet in all directions. Pro tip: don’t mulch too close to the tree’s base. Mulch preserves moisture and warmth, but if moisture cannot leave, it can cause rot.


Bedford Winter Tree Care Where to Find It

Bedford Winter Tree Care can help you with that. They offer various services to keep your trees looking their best, from pruning to removal.

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