Prepare Trees for Spring with Haltom City Tree Care Services

Spring signals the end of Winter and the beginning of a season full of fresh growth; this can come with gusty winds. Here’s a bit more on getting your trees ready for spring.

It may appear early, yet there is plenty to do for your trees and your home. It may not be apparent when there are no leaves around, yet it quickly changes once the warmer weather arrives. Here you can see how Haltom City Tree Care Services can help around your home.


Clear the Area Using Tree Care Services

Debris from trees can cause lots of damage to your home; thus, it’s essential to carry out a few steps with local arborists depending on the trees you have in your yard.

  • Clean gutters of leaves and debris
  • Prune overhanging trees, so they are well clear of homes and structures
  • Remove any dead trees to stop insects, disease, and animals from taking home in them
  • Remove any dead or hanging palm fronds


Prepare for High Winds

At the beginning of each year, many homes will encounter heavy rainy winds, and with this, countless trees and branches can fail. Get ready and ask your local Haltom City tree care services to check your trees regularly and help prevent tree failure during the windy season.

  • Book your local arborist and have them prune your trees professionally
  • Remove dead and hanging palm fronds when they appear
  • Check trees for signs of decay and disease


Trees with Seeds

Depending on the tree, they go off to seed throughout spring or early summer. Fallen seeds can turn your pathways into a mess, trigger slip hazards, and invite unwanted bats into your yard.

Have your seed pods and any dead palm fronds removed professionally. Tree care in Haltom City can do more than just pruning.


Pruning with Professionals in Haltom City

Spring weather typically promotes a lot of new tree growth. It can appear that your tree grew overnight. Suddenly it overhangs the house, extends across the neighbor’s fence, or hangs over your driveway.

We are all faced with this development. The trees are overgrown, and we hurry to get the tree pruned sooner rather than later. Be ready and book early this year or as soon as you see any overhang.

When you have problems with trees coming into spring and need the experts, do not wait and Contact J Davis Tree Care Solutions for the very best tree care programs or use the compact form below for a direct response.

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