Keller Tree Trimming. Why Expert Tree Care Won’t Top Trees

Keller Tree Trimming. Why Expert Tree Care Won’t Top Trees

Customers frequently tell us they don't like their trees' current height and ask that we "top" them. Even though this method has been used for a long time, it can actually create more problems than it fixes.

Here, you can learn more about why local Keller expert tree care services won’t top trees unless there is a specific reason to do so.


What Is Tree Topping in Keller?

The act of indiscriminately cutting across the top of a tree is known as tree topping.

The tree’s top branches are cut horizontally, resulting in a dramatic reduction in the tree’s height. Also called topping, heading, tipping, or round racking, lowering height is supposed to be rapid and economical.


Why Tree Topping In Keller Causes Issues?

Half or more of a tree’s leaf-bearing crown can be removed by topping. Photosynthesis is how plants transform light energy into chemical energy that may be produced and used to fuel the tree.

The tree loses its capacity to photosynthesize when the leaves are removed, and it can get stressed. When a tree is stressed, one of two things can happen: the tree will either swiftly generate shoots to create new leaves or die if it does not have the energy reserves to produce new leaves fast.

The long-term effects of topping can be disastrous for the tree, or they can have the reverse effect and cause the tree to grow back faster, requiring re-trimming.

Tree topping is not only stressful to a tree, but it is also unsightly—a topping results in a flat-topped tree that resembles an overgrown bush rather than a tree.

Worse, the way the tree is expected to regrow isn’t particularly appealing. The clipped branches will erupt with a slew of little shoots, and the fast regrowth is unappealing. In heavy winds and storms, those shoots are prone to breaking and causing harm.


What’s the Alternative to Keller Tree Topping?

A tree’s height can be decreased in a healthy, appealing, and effective manner. Deciding which branches to trim and doing so in a way that does not stress the tree reduces the height and normal regrowth.

The tree’s short- and long-term health will be preserved, and it will remain lovely and of a suitable height for many years to come.


Where to Find Keller Tree Trimming Experts

Native trees can be trimmed or pruned, so they always look and grow their best. Don’t forget, experts at J Davis can remove trees, shrubs and also offer stump grinding services.

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