Keller Tree Removal. Do My Trees Need Removing Or Trimming?

Keller Tree Removal. Do My Trees Need Removing Or Trimming?

Not only are old-growth trees gorgeous, but they are also beneficial. Their branches provide habitat for birds and other pollinators, the shade they provide can help reduce household energy expenses, and we can all enjoy time spent in the shade.

However, sometimes these beauties require more than a trim and must be removed. And doing so before any significant damage is done is critical.

Here are signs that your tree should be removed rather than just trimmed by your local Keller tree care service, which can perform safe tree removal when necessary.


Keller Tree Removal for Building Protection

The roots of most trees extend as far as their branches. As a result, even if a tree trunk is far away from your property, its branches and roots may encroach on your home, walkways, and walls.

While falling branches might cause immediate and clear damage, the damage caused by a tree's root system is not as apparent–until it is too late.

Walls can be unsettled, pathways can be warped, plumbing piping can be clogged, and foundations damaged. The cost of removing an overgrown tree is reduced significantly if the tree is removed before substantial harm occurs. J Davis has excellent services and rates to cover all tree removal.


You Need Keller Tree Removal Because of Infection

Even with native trees, disease and insect damage are real and frequent challenges, as sad as it may seem. Insects such as bark beetles penetrate between the tree's wood and bark, causing the tree to perish slowly.

Other insects can attack the tree's foliage or root systems, causing harm or death. Trees can also be suffocated by fungus or parasites that feed on the host and suffocate the tree.

It's rare for a tree to recover after being severely damaged by an insect or disease, and it's usually best to remove it to prevent the pest from spreading and the failing tree from falling and causing damage to people or property.


Old Trees Endanger Your Home and Family

Did you know that if you have a tree that poses a risk to your property, your homeowner's insurance may remove the cost of having it removed? Many insurance companies understand that the cost of removing a tree is likely to be far cheaper than the cost of repairing the tree's harm afterward. However, there's a catch: most insurance companies will demand proof that the tree has been adequately maintained and isn't posing a threat because of neglect.


Keller Tree Removal. Do My Trees Need Removing Or Trimming?


Get the Best Help With Keller Tree Removal

J Davis not only provides regular maintenance to keep your trees looking beautiful and healthy, but we can also safely remove trees and grind stumps.

This is a necessary step in eradicating several tree species, such as Aspens and Sissoo, to prevent regrowth. Get in touch with the pros at J Davies Tree Care Solutions in Keller if you want the best for your trees and your pocketbook.

Contact us today to book a free consultation with one of our specialists, who will complete your task quickly, safely, and to your satisfaction.

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