How to Conduct Tree Fertilization in Southlake, TX


    What is tree fertilization?



Tree fertilization in Southlake, TX is a process whereby trees are taken care of so that to help them be able to resist insects and diseases. Before you add nutrients to the soil you have first to establish if the nutrient is deficient in the first place. The reasons that make trees to be fertilized include:

•    Trees that leaves that are pale green

•    Those trees that have dead branch tips due to attacks by diseases

Newly planted trees should not be fertilized as well as those that roots that are damaged so that their roots first become well established. Trees that are already mature do not have to be fertilized.

In some regions in the United States, the most common cause for soil lack of nutrients is alkalinity of the soil. For example, the pin oak tree in Illinois is affected by high alkalinity leading to lack of phosphorus and potassium nutrients.


Fertilizers have labels that show the nutrients that they have as well as the percentage of the nutrient content. A good example is whereby you a fertilizer bag indicating 23-3-7. This means that it has 23% nitrogen, 3% of phosphorus, and 7% of phosphoric acid. Hence to calculate the content of fertilizer in a 100-pound bag means that it has 23 pounds of nitrogen i.e. (100 x .23 =23).


•    The best time to fertilize is during April or during the period when the plants are dormant. 

•    The type of fertilizer used should be evenly distributed on the soil around the tree area.

•    6 pounds of nitrogen should be applied in every 2000 square feet of the area covered by the tree roots.



Tree Fertilization in Southlake, TX should be done throughout the year but differently as the tree grows older.