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Weatherford Tree Care Services

After most of the fall season restoring their root systems, trees stock up on nutrients in preparation for the colder months. Then, to prepare for the harsher conditions of winter, trees strengthen their root systems.

If you fertilize your trees in the fall, they'll have stronger roots come spring. From this, you can gather that hiring a tree service in Weatherford is wise.


Weatherford's Tree Service Professionals Will Feed Your Trees

Fertilizing is commonly thought to be necessary only for grass and shrubs, while trees can escape without it. In addition, treating tree roots with fertilizers containing phosphorus and potassium induces the hardening of foliar tissues.

High levels of soluble nitrogen from fertilizers delay foliar tissue aging, which slows the tree's fall preparation.

Experts in tree care in Weatherford will tell you that low or slow-release nitrogen is used for fertilization during the fall.


Reasons to Use Weatherford's Tree Services and Fertilization

Like plants in your garden, trees need regular care and nourishment to thrive and survive despite dust, pollution, and other environmental stresses.

Over time, loss of nutrients and root weakness necessitates immediate action to ensure a tree's survival and long life span. There are a few other advantages to fertilizing in the fall besides this.

A healthy tree starts with sturdy roots. Then, essential nutrients and fertilizers must be evenly distributed in the soil for the leaves and branches to form a lush green canopy.

Fertilizing trees in the fall is the best time of year to meet the trees' periodic need for nutrient replacement. In addition, fertilizing trees at their deepest roots improves soil quality and encourages tree development.

Inspiring as autumn's leaf change may be, it depletes trees of vital nutrients. Trees fertilized in the fall will not only regain their winter color but also produce stunning greening in the spring.

As a final step, fertilizing your trees in the fall will help them live long, healthy life. Pests and illnesses gather at their bases when trees aren't fertilized correctly.


Weatherford Tree Care Services


Where Is My Weatherford Tree Care Services?

Most trees begin losing their leaves in the autumn, slowing their rate of development and allowing their roots to start drawing nutrients up from the ground.

The tree's roots store extra nutrients from fertilization for the following growing season. Therefore, the tree will benefit from fertilization if you do it once a year in the fall.

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