Fall Tree Care from Davis Tree Care in Arlington, TX

Fall Tree Care from Davis Tree Care

When summer cools down, your trees will start to change color and shape. The fall season brings new temperatures that will require special care for your yard. Davis Tree Care provides quality tree care service in Arlington, TX to protect your trees from the climate-changing conditions of autumn.

Get Your Yearly Health Inspections

The best time to schedule a tree health inspection is during the fall, so the state of your trees can be assessed before the winter cold sets in. Investing in a full inspection during the autumn months can help prepare for the seasons to come. You’ll know whether or not you need to remove your dead trees in the winter, and whether they will grow and bloom again in the spring.

Invest in Important Rehydration

The importance of hydration cannot be stressed enough. Part of quality tree care is making sure your trees and plants are given all of the moisture they need to survive through the harsh fall and winter months. Additional watering will keep the soil rich and fertile.

The rehydration process protects trees from: Extreme cold, Infestations by winter diseases and insects, Weak roots, Dried out or infertile soil

Thankfully many of these factors are only prevalent during the winter. Some insects such as aphids, as well as some fungal diseases, can be a year-round nuisance. Rehydration maintenance should be done regularly to avoid all these dangers.

Clear Up Excess Branches

Autumn will cause many of your trees to lose their leaves, revealing a clear view of the naked branches underneath. During this season it can be easier to identify broken or dead branches in order to remove them. Quality tree care services include branch cleanup and removal at the homeowner’s convenience.


Use the autumn season to your advantage and invest in professional tree services in Arlington, TX from Davis Tree Care today. We promise the most thorough tree care ever...or it’s free!