Davis Tree Care Tree Fertilization Services in Keller, TX

Trees need proper nutrition, just like other plants do. This can be given in the form of fertilizer to help trees stay beautiful and healthy. Adding fertilizer has a lot of advantages. Trees which are deprived of these important nutrients may not grow normally, or flowering trees could fail to produce blossoms.

Fruit trees may require additional minerals such as zinc, manganese, and iron. Since many soils do not naturally contain these minerals, fertilizing the trees is needed to provide them. Before administering fertilizer in Keller, TX to fruit trees, a soil sample should be taken to see if certain nutrients are lacking in it. Once the sample has been completed, the right fertilizer can be recommended based upon these results.

Nut trees require a higher level of nitrogen than other types of trees do. For this reason, it can be a good idea to administer a fertilizer rated 20-10-10 to the area around these trees. This should be done at least annually to ensure the best results.

Flowering trees generally produce larger blossoms and do so in greater amounts when they are properly fertilized. A fertilizer which is higher in phosphorus than it is in nitrogen or potassium is needed for these plants. For this reason, a brand designated 5-30-5 is generally recommended for flowering trees and shrubs. Gardeners can also choose a fertilizer labelled as a "bloom producer", as this type is designed to increase the number of flowers a tree develops. It's best to apply fertilizer in Keller, TX to flowering trees in early spring to maximize the number of blooms that are produced.