Crowley Tree Removal Services. Recognize Dead Tree in Yard

Crowley Tree Removal Services. Recognize Dead Tree in Yard

You’d think a dead tree would be easy to spot. You'd think that would be the case, yet often, people do not know when a tree in their yard has died, much less what caused it.

J Davis Tree Services works with many yards in Crowley, AZ, and we remove trees that are dead, damaged, or sick. Today, we'll go over a few of the telltale indicators that a tree in your yard is dying, so you can spot it and schedule a tree removal with our team of arborists.


Symptoms That Need Crowley Tree Care Services

We'll start by pointing out that the telltale indicators of a dying tree might be seen in multiple parts of your tree.

To be sure that your tree is dead, contact one of our tree removal experts to set up an appointment for us to examine your tree.

We'll be able to figure out what's wrong with your tree and what the best course of action is moving forward from there, but for now, we'll offer you a few symptoms that you'll be able to see on your tree.


Trunk Symptoms That Need Tree Removal Services

The strength of the roots will be derived from the tree's trunk. So when you discover problems with the trunk, it's likely that you're dealing with a problem that's a little more serious than you might think.

Looking for split trunks, holes, or fresh growth on the tree can show unhealthy or dead. If you notice these problems in the trunk, it's a sound bet that whatever is ailing your tree has migrated to other parts of the tree.


Branch Symptoms That Need Tree Care Services

If your tree's trunk is infected, the disease may have spread to the branches. You may see leaves constantly falling from your trees or branches that are easily broken or bare. Closer inspection of the branches may reveal pest infestations or damaged wood.

When you detect these signs, call our team of experts right once so we can remove the branches and prevent them from spreading to the rest of your tree. It's incredible what eliminating a few dead branches can do for a tree's overall health.


Bark Symptoms That Highlight You Need Crowley Tree Care

You may have assumed that the bark is part of the trunk symptoms; however, it can be a telltale sign of a dying tree with no obvious trunk symptoms.

If this is your first tree, you're probably familiar with the flexible bark that most trees have. This is normal for trees and a sign of excellent health. However, when a tree is ill or infected, the bark soon cracks and breaks off, leaving bald areas on the tree.

Crowley Tree Removal Services. Recognize Dead Tree in Yard

Where To Find Crowley Tree Removal Services?

If you notice any of these signs on your tree, call J Davis Tree Care Services right once. We provide skilled tree removal and other services to help your trees thrive.

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