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Soil compaction is the leading cause of residential tree dying. During construction, equipment and traffic injure sensitive feeder roots in the top few inches of soil, causing much damage.

All trees can be destroyed during construction, yet Post Oaks in the region are sensitive to soil disturbance.

They grow anxious and can die within a few years. So, before you build, you need to protect your trees.

You know how much your trees add to the value of your home and how much they give shade and beauty, so you need to read here what to do and why you may need professional tree care, Keller, TX.



Ways Trees Can Be Harmed During Construction

Here are the key areas where trees can suffer from significant construction in your garden.


Silent Killer is Soil Compaction

Roots, roots, roots; trees need to have a lot of them. 50% of the pore space in ideal tree soil is filled with air and water.

The dirt is compacted by heavy equipment, vehicles, and piles of construction materials. Remember that 90% of a tree's feeder roots are found in the first few inches of soil.


Drunks and Limbs Suffer Equipment Damage

A tree's harm is irreversible. Even tiny wounds might allow fungi to infiltrate the tree, causing it to rot and die.


Digging and Trenching Cuts Through Important Roots

Anchor roots can reach one to three times the tree's height. As a result, even a single big root can be severed, removing 15 to 25% of the tree's root system and increasing the likelihood of the tree falling.


Cutting Down Neighboring Trees and Shrubs

Nearby trees provide wind and sun protection. However, removing some of them exposes others to new situations that may be stressful to them. An arborist can determine which trees have the best chance of surviving the shift.

Soil Changes Suffocate Roots

Even a few inches above the root zone can deprive the strong feeder roots of oxygen and water. In addition, the removal of soil alters drainage patterns, exposing or drowning the roots.


Keller Tree Care Services

Plan and Save Trees With Keller Tree Care Services

Experts from J Davis can evaluate your trees to see which ones are healthy and worth saving. But, of course, you don't want to decide around those who aren't a good fit for your home.

Trees that are unhealthy or unlikely to survive the construction process might also become a liability. But, again, we can meet with your contractor to help determine the best tree-protection techniques.

Remember, your property owner protects your trees. So, the recommendation is to hire a tree care professional to create Tree Protection Zones.

If you need more of the above services, all you need to do is Contact J Davis Tree Care Solutions for the very best tree care programs or use the compact form below for a direct response.

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