Can Palm Trees Thrive In Cold. Weatherford Tree Care Experts

Can Palm Trees Thrive In Cold. Weatherford Tree Care Experts

At J Davis, we sincerely appreciate both trees and our neighborhood. We hate being negative or alarmist, but cold snaps can kill most of Weatherford's palm trees.

If all of your palm's fronds are drooping and brown, without any signs of green, it is undoubtedly dead and needs to be removed before it falls over from rot.

Green fronds indicate that your palm is salvageable with continued fertilization and care. New fronds will grow in their place over time, but the old ones won't come back once they've turned brown.

Find more about how Weatherford tree care professionals can help your palm trees thrive by reading this helpful article.


  • Palms with brown or drooping fronds are almost dead and should be removed.
  • Palms protected by structures may not have been entirely frozen and could have been saved.


Can Palm Trees Handle Cold Weather?

When the "heart" of a palm tree freezes, it is unfortunately too late to save the tree. Furthermore, unlike other plants, palms take time to recover from illness and injury.

Some palm material may survive and grow if only a partial frost occurs, but the damaged areas will never recover.

Drooping brown fronds can be trimmed or left to fall naturally. If a palm tree makes it, it can develop new fronds, although this time takes years.

The tree is beyond rescue if all the palm's leaves have become brown, yellow, drooped, or fallen.


What Should I Do If My Palm Withers Away?

The frost damage to palm trees requires immediate attention. Dead tissue decomposes rapidly, causing structural instability, so you'll need Weatherford tree care if this happens.

The first signs of impending doom are a leaning palm or a bowed top on the trunk.

Dead palms should be cut down as soon as possible to prevent injury. As a palm rots from the inside out, it may become impossible to remove it safely.

If you notice any fluid leaking from the main palm trunk, it is a sure sign of inner rot and needs to be removed immediately.


Can Weatherford Tree Service Promote Tree Development?

The "trees" of the palm genus, which are more closely related to grass than trees, cannot survive at freezing temperatures. Because of this, winters in palm-growing areas are mild, with few or no freezes.

Transplanted palms have a poor success rate elsewhere, including in Weatherford. Although some palm species are more resistant to cold than others, even these will be severely damaged by a hard freeze.

To keep palms healthy, they need to be regularly fertilized using palm food prepared for them.

Even when the setting is altered to provide palms with the proper care, the weather patterns are still unfavorable. Weatherford tree care, on the other hand, handles everything else.


Can Palm Trees Thrive In Cold. Weatherford Tree Care Experts


Where Can I Get Professional Tree Maintenance in Weatherford, TX?

Weatherford's summer heat is not a significant threat to palms, but the problems arise in the winter and spring when it's cold and rainy. Many palms can survive brief periods of cold weather, but large and small palms are susceptible to damage from prolonged, hard freezes.

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