Brown Leaves Need Southlake Tree Care Specialists


Browning leaves are seen in the colder months, as trees are vulnerable to frost damage that can discolor their leaves.

This doesn't always mean that your tree itself is dying, but it will alter the appearance of your tree until warm temperatures arrive and the soil becomes moist. But what if in Spring or Summer the leaves of your tree turn brown?

Here are common causes of this discoloration should you ever see it in warmer weather and you need to call your local Southlake Tree Care Specialists


Tree Care in Southlake Checks Disease or Pests

For food and shelter, several insect species use trees and their foliage.

Many would only have a mild effect on your trees, but others can do serious harm to both the leaves and trunk, which is visible.

It is effective to manage your tree for insects and pathogens, but in the meantime, it is essential to minimize identify the exact cause of discoloration. 

That means visually recognizing which pest is infesting your tree or having trees examined by a Southlake tree care specialist to assess the disease it has. You may often find a spray available which can deal with the particular problem of your tree.


Too Much Sun

Because of extreme sun exposure, tree leaves can become brown in the warmer months. Additional factors which make the tree more vulnerable to the sun are easily exacerbated by this condition, including:

Over-fertilization, toot damage, strong winds and dehydration can all lead to these issues.

Trees are more vulnerable to leaf scorch when small, so planting trees in a partially shaded position before or after the summer are best to prevent sun exposure to brown leaves.


Dehydration Leads to Issues

Another cause of browning in trees which can be avoided and handled reasonably easily is insufficient watering. Young and freshly planted trees need to be watered particularly, so it is important to ensure adequate moisture based on your tree.

Establishing a regular watering and irrigation scheme for your trees allows them to remain hydrated during the warmer months and stop drought browning.

It is important to remember that there is also something like over-watering the trees, just as dehydration is possible. It's better to keep your trees on watering for a few days until the surrounding ground has dry, and its leaves come up again when you see the leaves turning yellow, or they fall.



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