Brown Leaf Issues & Trees. Need Southlake Tree Care Experts

Brown Leaf Issues & Trees. Need Southlake Tree Care Experts

Leaves turn brown throughout the winter because trees are more susceptible to frost damage.

This doesn't necessarily mean that your tree is dying, but it will change its appearance until warmer weather and moister soil arrive. But what if, come spring or summer, your tree's leaves suddenly turn brown?

There are a few possible explanations if you live in Southlake and notice this discoloration in the spring or summer. Tree care from J Davis is beneficial throughout the year.


Southlake Tree Maintenance Stops Disease and Unwanted Pests

Many bug species depend on trees and their foliage for survival.

While many would have little impact on your trees, some could cause visible damage to the leaves and trunk.

While it is important to care your tree for insects and viruses, pinpointing the particular source of discoloration is paramount.

That requires having a trained eye spotting the specific insect or illness on your tree or consulting a Southlake tree care expert. Depending on the particular issue with your tree, a spray may be available to treat it.


Amount of Sunlight Is Excessive

If the leaves of a tree are exposed to light for an extended period, they may become brown throughout the summer. This state can readily increase other variables that make the tree more susceptible to light, such as:

These problems may be brought on by excessive fertilizing, toot damage, high winds, or lack of water.

When trees are young, their leaves are more susceptible to sun damage and scorch; therefore, placing them in a shaded area before or after the summer is better.


Inadequate Hydration Causes Problems

Inadequate irrigation is another preventable and easily remedied cause of tree browning. It is very vital to water young and newly planted trees to ensure that they receive the right amount of water.

Set up a regular watering and irrigation schedule to prevent your trees from drying out and becoming brown due to drought during the hot months.

Remember that over-watering the trees is a real possibility in addition to dryness. If you notice the leaves on your trees turning yellow or falling, it's best to keep them watered for a few days until the soil around them has dried and they sprout new leaves.


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