Arlington Tree Removal Services. When Trees Need Removing

When the weather damages a tree, it can pose a significant threat to your home, family, and property. Before collapsing over or splitting apart, your tree will usually send out distress signals.

Some of the most common tree threats to be aware of, as well as what you can do to protect yourself and your property from tree damage, are included below. Here are some more reasons to keep an eye out for and, in the worst-case scenario, contact Arlington tree removal services.


Summary of Reasons You Need Arlington Tree Removal Services

Cracks: If you detect cracks or split wood on your tree, it could show that its health is fading. It may be advisable to eradicate the tree if the crack is extensive and deep through the tree trunk. Cabling may be an option depending on the size of the tree and the severity of the break.

Decay: If your tree feels mushy, or if it develops a cavity, it may be necessary to remove it. A tree's decay can lead it to fall apart and cause damage to your property. Mushrooms or fungi developing on the trunk are also symptoms of deterioration.

Dead wood: Dead limbs on trees should be removed as soon as possible since the tree could fall and do severe damage to your home.

Root issues: While root damage is more difficult to identify, be mindful of certain activities resulting in root damage. Parking automobiles on tree roots compacts the soil while pouring concrete over tree roots prevents oxygen from reaching the roots. Monitor what's going on around the tree roots.


Questions Arlington Tree Removal Experts May Ask

  1. Is there a lot of dead wood in your tree?

  2. Do you have a lot of dangling branches in your tree?

  3. Are there any cavities or decaying places on the tree's trunk?

  4. Is there any cracking or splitting along the main branches?

  5. Has the tree grown a slant to either?

  6. Are there a lot of huge branches all around your house?

  7. Are the leaves taking on a unique hue?

  8. Is the tree completely dead?



Main Reasons for Arlington Tree Removal

Compromised Trunks

Tree trunks are sometimes the most obvious symptom of a falling tree. If you have a tree showing signs of cracked bark on the trunk or missing, this suggests the tree is a property hazard.

Multiple trunks that are V-shaped or U-shaped are warnings for trees. With age and storms, the timber where the trunks meet could deteriorate and crack.


Insect Damage

Varied insects leave different chewing patterns on the tree, and they may even nibble on different areas of it. The traces of bark beetle on a tree trunk may be seen in this photograph.

Insect damage can destroy your tree, and it might even kill it. Small insect-sized holes are another telltale sign your trees are infested. If you notice any evidence of insect damage to your trees, please contact our ISA-certified arborist.


Dead and Broken Limbs

One of the most accessible signs to see is dead branches, especially in the spring and summer. The leaves on dead branches will be brown and withered, or they may be completely absent.

These branches will grow vulnerable to storm damage over time, which might be dangerous and cause property damage.


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