Arlington Tree Care. Assess Trees In The Spring

Our J Davis Tree Service spring checklist for services and jobs will help you prepare for the spring. As with humans, trees require adequate maintenance. Like a doctor, an ISA-certified arborist should care for your tree.

Here you can learn more about what you get from expert Arlington Tree Care for your trees.


Obtain an Arlington Tree Care Risk Assessment:

Here are some things our tree care experts can find when assessing trees.

  • Dead Wood: Dead wood is harmful and generally caused by winter conditions. Remove all dead branches to avoid property damage. Contact our ISA-certified arborist if you are concerned about dead wood on your tree.
  • Branches: Look for leafing and flowering activity on your trees' branches in the spring. Is one area too erratic?
  • Leaf problems: Yellowing leaves can signal inadequate soil drainage and too much moisture due to winter storms.
  • Tree Fungi: Tree fungi typically indicate a tree's health. Fungi can cause cracks, fissures, and rotting in wood. Look for signs of fungi-caused tree deterioration.
  • Roots: A tree's health is determined by its roots. Look for weak crowns, discolored leaves, dwarfed leaves, resin-soaked wood at the root, and fungi at the tree's base.


Why Use Arlington Pruning Services?

It is removing weak or dead branches that may endanger people or structures. Aesthetic pruning is used to improve a tree's appearance or character or stimulate flower/leaf production.

Tree health is the main reason to prune. Removing weak, dead, or diseased branches. Contact our ISA-certified arborist today for more information.


Tips for Tree Pruning:

It's essential to prune your trees but do it correctly using Arlington tree pruning. Tips for general use:

  • Prune only 25% of your tree's leaves at a time. A certified arborist will know how much to prune.
  • Pruning with sharp tools You want clean, tiny cuts.
  • Prune during active growth to allow trees to recuperate appropriately.

Not all trees need to be pruned in the spring. Our ISA-certified arborist can help you decide whether to prune your tree.


Fertilize trees:

Apply fertilizer to your trees before the growing season to boost their resistance to diseases, insects, and harsh weather.

Plant New Trees:

The perfect tree may add value and beauty to your home. To appropriately add to your property, use these tree planting tips:

  • Too deep a burying causes root decay. This reduces tree growth and disease, and insect vulnerability.
  • Plant trees so their root flare — the bottom bulging of the trunk – is level with or slightly above the soil surface.
  • Volcano mulching is a frequent tree planting method. A volcano-like buildup of mulch around the tree base and up the trunk. This only buries the tree more.


Mulch Trees and More With Arlington Tree Care Services

When appropriately used, mulch benefits trees. Mulching will help your trees get the organic matter they need. In addition, mulch retains soil moisture and suppresses weed growth.

Mulch reduces the number of light weed seeds receive, preventing germination. Adding mulch doubles tree growth rate compared to growing in the grass.

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