Arlington Tree Care Specialists. Why Trees Have Brown Leaves

Browning leaves are more common in the winter as they are in the throes of hibernation until the print. Besides this, they are more vulnerable to frost damage, which discolors their leaves.

This doesn't always mean that your tree is dying, but it will change how it looks until the weather warms up and the soil becomes moist. But what if your tree's leaves turn brown in the spring or summer?

If you notice this discoloration in warmer weather, call your local Arlington Tree Care Specialists.


Disease or Pests and Arlington Tree Care Services

Several bug species rely on trees and their foliage for food and shelter. Many will only have a minor impact on your trees, but others can cause significant damage to both the leaves and the exposed trunk.

It's essential to monitor your tree for insects and infections, but it's also essential to figure out what's causing the discoloration in the meantime.

That includes recognizing which insect is infesting your tree visually or having trees evaluated by an Arlington tree care specialist to determine which disease they have. Depending on your tree's problem, you may find a spray that can help.


Direct Sun Can Lead to Tree Care Services

Tree leaves can turn brown in the summer because of excessive sun exposure. This state can readily worsen other variables that make the tree more vulnerable to the sun. These problems can be caused by overfertilization, root damage, strong winds, and dryness.

Because young trees are more susceptible to leaf burn, planting trees in a partially shaded location before or after the summer is the best way to avoid brown leaves.


Incorrect Watering and Dehydration Means Tree Care Services

Insufficient irrigation is another cause of browning in trees that may be avoided and dealt with readily. Watering is very crucial for young and newly planted trees, so make sure you have enough moisture for your tree.

Establishing a regular watering and irrigation schedule for your trees will keep them hydrated and prevent drought browning throughout the warmer months.

It's vital to remember that there's such a thing as over-watering the trees, just as there's such a thing as dehydration. When you observe the leaves turning yellow or falling, it's best to keep watering your trees for a few days until the surrounding ground has dried up and the leaves grow back up.

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