Arlington Tree Care Services: Fall Tree Fertilization

After a fall in which they spend most of their time rejuvenating their roots, trees prepare for the winter season by replenishing their stores of nutrients. With the arrival of winter, trees begin to build a strong root network to adapt to the changing weather conditions.

Tree fertilization in the fall encourages root growth, allowing them to emerge in the spring with increased vigor.

Here you can see why it is beneficial to use Arlington tree care services.


Tree Care Services in Arlington Provide Fertilization

Most people assume that only turfs and shrubs require fertilizing, while trees may get away with it. To induce the hardening of foliar tissues, tree roots must be treated with phosphorus and potassium fertilisers.

Foliar tissue aging is delayed when high quantities of soluble nitrogen are provided by fertilizers, delaying the tree's fall preparation.

When you hire Arlington tree care pros to handle fall fertilization, you'll learn that the nitrogen employed during this season is typically low or slow.


Advantages of Arlington Tree Care Services and Fertilization

To combat dust, pollution, and other environmental stressors, trees, like their garden companions, require regular care and nourishment.

Over time, trees lose their nutrients and become weak at the root calling for prompt measures to offer them a long life. Aside from that, there are a few other benefits to fertilizing in the fall.

For a tree to thrive, its roots must be strong. For the leaves and branches to form a lush green canopy, important nutrients and fertilizers must be evenly distributed in the soil.

Trees require periodic nutrient replacement, which is best achieved by fertilizing in the fall. Deep root tree fertilization replenishes the soil and stimulates tree growth.

The shifting of the leaves in the fall is beautiful, but it depletes trees of nutrients. Fall fertilizers will not only help trees restore their winter color but also form a captivating spring green-up.

Finally, fall fertilization ensures a long and healthy life for your trees—insects and diseases from around the roots of trees that are not fertilized properly.


Where Is My Arlington Fall Tree Care Services?

Most trees start shedding their leaves in the fall, slowing their development pace, and the roots start borrowing nutrients from the soil. When trees are fertilized, extra nutrients are stored by the roots for the following season. Annual fall fertilization is beneficial to the tree's health.

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