A Tree Care - Routine Gardening Tasks That Can Damage Your Trees in Southlake, TX

A mature tree is the most valuable element in the garden. No other part is so close to the tree’s ability to move and inspire, and nothing in the garden will likely live and last so long. Trees also take a long time to grow; Some may take several generations to reach their full potential, while even the fastest-growing species need at least five or six years to get started. Considering the full potential of the tree, the gardener, amateur and professional should stop and think not only about how they care about the tree itself but also about other gardening works that they perform next to it. They offer quality tree care in Southlake, TX.


What exactly is meant by proximity to a tree? Being close extends far beyond the first three or four meters of the trunk. As an approximate guideline, we can estimate that the roots extend at a horizontal distance approximately twice the height of the tree. This means that in some cases, they can reach more than ten meters beyond the tips of branches and foliage. Since any damage caused to the roots of the tree can seriously affect its subsequent growth and development, it follows that the “danger zone” should be considered as the estimated radius from the trunk to the top of the roots.

How can garden trees be accidentally damaged?

* Digging is the main culprit. It should be remembered that the most active roots responsible for most of the consumption of water and nutrients grow more or less parallel to the earth at a depth of about 10-30 cm from the soil surface. Therefore, tasks such as planting can be very problematic if, as a result of excavations, many parts of the root are torn off. This can affect the supply of water and nutrients to the plant. In addition, any wound on the earth and especially under it is the primary source of fungal and bacterial infection.

* The soil, compacted by massive movements of the legs or machines, will reduce the amount of oxygen in the root zone. Remember that the constant passage of vehicles five or six meters from the trunk will be harmful to the tree.

* Tree roots can absorb residues of herbicides previously sprayed to the ground. The greatest danger is represented by dying herbicides belonging to the group of simazine’s. The tree located in the lower part of the canal is especially vulnerable since amazing is easily washed out of sandy soils and can be caught in depression.

* The habit of raking leaves around trees is also undesirable. This may not be comparable in seriousness with the previous examples, but an ordinary rake will eventually deplete the upper soil of its fertility since the soil will inevitably be raked along with the leaves. The latter, of course, is better to leave them on the ground in the form of natural organic mulch, where they ultimately break up into humus.

* Pruning, of course, is the primary source of long-term damage to trees. The tree is significant and should be given quality tree care in Southlake, TX. Both quantity and quality play an important role here. The more branches and branches removed at the same time, the more the energy level of plants will be affected. The quality of the incision or otherwise determines the degree of wound healing and the prevention of infection.

The tree is so impressive, massive that some consider it impregnable. Despite its size and splendor, it would be more appropriate to look at your garden tree as a big child.